Wow! This Woman Is Still Telling Herself Law School Is ‘Always an Option’

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In a story of amazing self-deception, 27-year-old Nicole Endaya is still telling herself that law school is “always an option” if her current career and life path doesn’t take off.


“I’ve been working in PR for a few years now, and I’m happy enough with my current career, most of the time,” Nicole told reporters. “But in the back of my mind, I’m always aware that law school is a possible path I can take, if I so choose.”


While this may have been true at one point in time, sources show that it has been at least a few years since Nicole had any viable chance at a legal career, by any stretch of the imagination.


Nicole has reportedly never taken the LSAT, forgotten the names of all her professors, and is not even sure she can imagine herself being happy as an attorney. Still, these inconvenient facts do not seem to prevent her from shrugging at the first sign of difficulty and telling herself, “if all else fails, there’s always law school.”


“I’m giving myself a couple more years to see where life takes me, but getting a JD is definitely still on the table,” said Nicole, with little regard for how admissions committees at actual law schools feel about this tenuous pipedream.


Reports show that with every passing year out of college, Nicole’s vocabulary level is dropping rapidly, as a result of many brain-numbing Netflix sessions after work, and not reading anything that wasn’t a timeline she could pull and refresh with her little thumbs.


“Sure, at this point, law school would take a little bit of adjusting, but it’s not like I’ve completely checked out of the realm of the written word,” said Nicole. “Who knows? This time next year, I could be taking a tort law class, if I wanted.”


“I haven’t dug too much into the details, but again, this is all just a backup plan,” she said. “But I gotta say, it’s really comforting to know I have such a solid plan B, where I can have real social impact.”


Although there are tens of thousands of recent college grads who pour all their waking hours into the pursuit of legal study, Nicole is confident that the second she gets bored of her current career, law schools all over the nation will be opening their doors to receive her.



“I think I’d love to go back to school, anyway,” she said. “Just think – I could be buying cute little notebooks and going to lectures again!”


Save us a seat in class, Nicole!