Wow! This Woman Found a Use for a 35th Pillow

Displaying incredible ingenuity, 31-year-old Carol Abrams recently discovered a use for a 35th throw pillow while sleeping at night.


The revelation struck Carol last night at approximately 11:35pm, while she was snuggled tightly in bed, surrounded by her typical 34 pillows. Though her head, back, knees, arms, chest, and butt were all supported by a collection of assorted pillows of various sizes and firmness, she couldn’t help but feel that something might be missing.


“The breakthrough came when I realized I hadn’t put one between my ankles yet,” she tells us.



This new pillow joined it’s 34 brothers in cocooning Carol in a tight, squishy envelope, allowing her to sleep peacefully through the night knowing that she couldn’t move if she tried.


“My aim is to be entirely surrounded by plush while I sleep,” Carol elaborated. “Every pillow brings me one step closer to that goal.”


Carol’s inventive streak reaches back all the way to her college years, she tells us. She first began experimenting with additional pillows in her college dorm room when she had the idea to expand beyond just the standard one already supporting her head.


“I believe the second pillow I introduced was between the knees,” she reminisces. “That’s where a lot of pillow enthusiasts start. After that, I was off to the races.”


Through the years, more and more pillows were slowly added to Carol’s increasingly tucked figure. From clutching a softie to her chest to squeezing a firm one under her back like a doorstop for when she side slept, no pillow was too many and no use was too unorthodox.


“The craziest use I’ve found for one? Gosh, that’s hard,” she says. “Probably #26, the heart-shaped one that I press tight into my lower stomach.”


While 35 pillows may seem like a maximum to many sleepers, Carol says she has no plans of slowing down.


“If I can think of a 36th way to use one you better believe I’ll add it,” she tells us. “I’ve already brainstormed. I’m thinking I can do something with my calves.”


Carol’s breakthrough has been widely praised by fellow sleep devotees, who applaud her creativity and persistence. Though she is not without her critics.


“There is no room at all for me in that bed,” says Carol’s husband.