Wow! This Woman Drinks Water Just to Take More Bathroom Breaks

We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. But in this inspiring story of health and wellness coming out of Athens, GA, 29-year old Jamie Roberts is reportedly drinking water solely for the purpose of taking more bathroom breaks.


“My usual tinkle-time is nowhere near long enough for me watch TikToks and then stare at the wall,” Jamie told us. “So whenever I got bored at work, I just started pounding water until the urge strikes me to pee again.”


Health-conscious and taking initiative! Go get ‘em, girl!


Jamie – who used to gag at the thought of drinking a beverage that wasn’t sparkling, liquid sugar, caffeinated, or alcoholic – said she began rethinking her relationship to hydration when she realized getting up to go pee meant she could put off her responsibilities for a few sweet minutes.


“Emails can just get a little hard on the eyes, you know?” Jamie said. “Sometimes, ya girl just wants to walk around, stretch, and scroll some memes on the bowl. But also, you know, stay hydrated.”


“That’s when I pop out this bad boy,” said Jamie, pulling out her 1.7-liter Nalgene. “Now, I just play the waiting game!”


A hydrated queen indeed!


“Honestly, I hate the taste of water, and I kinda hate how it makes me feel,” Jamie told us. “But basically, I just pour as much water into my stomach as I can and sit down at my computer while my body works its magic.”


While she used to pee no more than twice a workday, Jamie is now clocking in at a minimum two pees per hour.



Jamie’s co-worker Matt Nguyen said, “Every time I look over, she’s either nowhere to be found, or she’s just sitting at her desk, chugging for minutes at a time, like she’s rushing Theta Chi.”


Jamie, who is up for a performance review next week, said she doesn’t worry about her urination activity branding her as a slacker in the office.


“I try to look on the bright side,” she told us. “Sure, my productivity’s taken a hit, but my skin has never looked better.”


Thank you Jamie for reminding us the benefits of drinking water! Stay hydrated and chug away, ladies – or else you’ll have to go back to work!