Wow! This Woman Drinks 8 Glasses of Water a Day, But Pees Out 30

After repeatedly hearing the health benefits of drinking eight glasses of water a day, Lara Patel decided to keep up with the recommended amount this month. However, she was soon shocked to find she was peeing out three times as much as she actually drank.


“As soon as I finish drinking a full glass, my bladder is absolutely ready to explode,” Lara says. “I’m just trusting that this is how it’s supposed to work.”


Every time she’d finish her Contigo bottle, it seemed Lara had to immediately start walking toward the bathroom in anticipation of the first of three long, high-pressure pees.


“It’s like every other minute I have to be chugging away at my Contigo bottle just to keep pace,” she says.


The new health push dramatically affected Lara’s wardrobe, as she had to stop wearing her favorite bodysuits once taking them off to pee each time became too much of an effort.


“Buttoning and unbuttoning them every single hour became something I dreaded more than the insane water consumption itself,” she says.



Sadly, as a major coffee lover, Lara previously drank caffeinated beverages throughout the day. But now she finds her overworked bladder doesn’t even have the room.


“I miss drinking my morning chai latte, but at this point, I can’t imagine consuming one more fluid,” she explains. “For each extra glass, I need two or more trips to the bathroom. There’s just not enough time in the day.”


Lara’s coworkers have noticed a difference in her behavior.


“I used to pop by Lara’s desk throughout the day to chat, but lately it seems she’s never around.” says Jen, the office HR rep.


“At the end of the day, this does feel healthier,” says Lara. “I have really had no time to think about snacking.”