Wow! This Woman Doubled Down on an Ill-Conceived Tweet Until It Became Her Entire Worldview

If you’ve ever felt like you’ll never be able to follow through on anything, here’s a story about perseverance to inspire you: Jess Mendoza has spent the past few weeks passionately defending a tweet she put almost zero thought into, so much so that the sentiment she expressed without any forethought has now become foundational to her political philosophy.


Way to show ‘em!


The tweet in question was a response to a celebrity’s post about consent culture and recent assault allegations. “I’m worried that this is turning into a society where men’s lives will be ruined for no reason,” Mendoza tweeted.


When asked what prompted her to post her response, Mendoza clarified that it wasn’t something she put a lot of thought into.




Her tweet sparked outrage from many corners of the feminist internet, with Twitter users making a variety of points ranging from the fact that Mendoza’s comment has no relationship to the reality of assault allegations to the observation that punishments have thus far been proportionate to the degree of infraction committed to the critical point that Mendoza could have just tweeted nothing at all.


In contrast to the amount of time it took to post her original response, Mendoza has sacrificed hours of each subsequent day responding to these criticisms. In fact, she has spent so long defending her position that it has become her primary cause, one that she is fully prepared to defend until the day she dies.


“No, consent wasn’t something I’d really thought about when I tweeted,” she clarified. “But ever since people started suggesting I didn’t know that much about it, I’ve had to get really involved in defending myself and the view I expressed initially.”


Somehow, she has managed to barge into comments on posts about the Olympics, the movie Lady Bird, and Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook with assertions that the #MeToo movement has gone too far.


“Sorry SJWs but there’s a little something called the 1st amendment,” Mendoza, who describes herself as a liberal democrat, recently tweeted.



When asked if she’s considered just retracting her original statement, Mendoza stuck to her guns. “What, and admit that I was wrong, or that I expressed an opinion without any kind of comprehensive knowledge of the situation I was commenting on, even though that’s what most people do always? That would be cowardly.”