Woman’s ‘It’s Too Hot to Go for a Run’ Excuse Stretches Into Fall

woman thinking

The hot, humid days of summer are quickly turning into fall – but that hasn’t stopped 28-year-old Kristin Jenkins to use that as an excuse not to go for a run today.


“There’s a high of 70 today,” Kristin told her roommate. “It’s just so hot out there and I don’t want to pass out or something like that. Maybe I’ll just let my muscles recover today


Kristin, who hasn’t gone on a run since May, has been using this excuse well into average temperatures in the 60s.



“I just don’t like running when I sweat,” Kristin continued. “My breathing gets labored, and eventually my legs get super tired. It’s just awful.”


Kristin, who seems to just be describing the act of running, then queued up a 10-minute Pilates class before abandoning it for cheese.


Before press time, she was overheard in the kitchen, saying to herself, “Human bodies just weren’t meant for that kind of thing.”