Woman Without Twitter Account Having Pretty Good Day  

Tamara Green, New York resident and one of the few people out there without a Twitter account, is actually having a pretty good day today.


When her brother informed Tamara of momentous election news today, her response wasn’t to “Go see what Twitter is saying,” immediately but rather she said, “Oh cool, I’ll look into that later,” before returning to her work.


Tamara then spent the rest of her day having a productive day at work, tending to her garden, doing yoga, and spending time with her family. She read the news for about half an hour before cooking dinner, which also turned out great.


Tamara’s family also reports not understanding Tamara’s behavior.



“I mean she still gets the occasional meme, and she has a Facebook she doesn’t really use.” her brother Ben informed. “I personally read Twitter until I need to lay down, so I don’t get it at all.”


“Today was pretty good, actually, nothing special though. I don’t feel particularly hopeless, why?” Tamara replied when we asked her how her day went.


When asked how she stays informed without reading everyone’s opinions on twitter, Tamara replied, “I read the news?”