Woman Who Has Neglected Every Other Aspect of Health Thinking of Getting Into Hair Care

 27-year-old Annaleigh Powers is making waves and belying expectations with her newly set intention to get into hair care despite historically and currently neglecting every other aspect of her health.


“When I was coming of age, hair care wasn’t really on the cultural consciousness,” says Powers. “I myself just recently became really aware of it, and honestly I realized I have not been taking proper care of my hair.”


Powers, who has been writing in her pediatrician as her primary care physician on medical forms for the last 10 years, subsequently decided that dedicating time and money to a hair care regimen might be right for her.


“What people don’t realize is hair care is as important as skincare,” says Powers, who doesn’t do that either. “Actually, what you’re really taking care of is your scalp. Haircare is scalp care. Isn’t that interesting?”


And though her dental plan has long been biannual flossing and prayer, Powers insists it feels good to take care of herself in this new and expensive way.


“I got this highly rated scalp oil with charcoal, tee tree, and coconut,” she says. “And a massager to stimulate blood flow in the scalp which is super important. I need to cut down on washing, too, but baby steps. This is a holistic journey.”


However, despite Powers’ enthusiasm for her new hobby, some of those closest to her have their doubts about what the interest spells for her overall health.



“I think what Annaleigh is really into is maybe buying hair care products,” says a close course who asked to remain anonymous. “Like, I’m pretty sure she’d be much better off just drinking a lot of water and sleeping more, but you can’t buy that from a trendy startup off Instagram.”


“Well, I mean, you can buy water bottles,” the source adds. “Is there a water monthly subscription service? I feel like she’d be into that.”


But Powers shows no signs of slowing down her hair care expedition or improving her basic self-care.


“I’m thinking of investing in hair gummies next,” says Powers, who recently took the batteries out of her electric toothbrush to put in her vibrator and has just been using it as a manual one since. “The general consensus seems to be that they don’t work, but I feel like I won’t forgive myself if I don’t at least try.”