Woman Used Up Her ‘That’s Crazy’ Way Too Early in Friend’s Story

In a terrifying string of events coming out of a party in Brooklyn, NY, 26-year-old Shameka Moore used up her “That’s crazy” far too early in her friend’s story about going to the dentist when she wasn’t even close to the end of it.


Witnesses report that Shameka’s friend Kelly went on for 30 more minutes after Shameka used her “please end the conversation” card prematurely.


“There’s only so many things you can say when you don’t really care about what someone’s saying,” Shameka told reporters. “That’s why ‘that’s crazy’ is my go-to, but you only get one time to say it, or two if you really hate them and don’t give a fuck about what they’re saying.”


According to reports, after Shameka said her one and only “that’s crazy” only two minutes into Kelly’s story about her issues at the dentist’s office, Shameka just started nodding and sweating profusely for most of the conversation.



“I started to panic,” Shameka said. “There was nothing I could say that was relevant to the conversation because I wasn’t really listening, and I already said ‘that’s crazy’. What the fuck else was I supposed to do?”


However, despite the clear obstacle, Shameka did try to signal to Kelly that she didn’t want to talk anymore.


“I even asked her if she wanted a drink or something to hasten the never-ending story about how her dentist gave her the wrong veneers or whatever,” Shameka told us. “But then she was like, ‘I can’t drink right now, because of the whole dentist thing’. What the hell was she even talking about?”


However, Kelly had an entirely different outlook on their interaction.


“I loved catching up with Shameka!” Kelly said. “She seemed worried about something though. Not sure what.”


At press time, Shameka has vowed to leave conversations entirely instead of trying to be nice.


“I want that half hour of my life back,” she told us. “Next time, I’ll just say ‘STOP TALKING.’ You can also only use this once, but once is all you’ll need.’”