Woman Spends Majority of Yoga Class Mentally Applauding Self for Being at Yoga Class

In a story emerging from the “Gentle Vinyasa for Adult Beginners” class in Hoboken, NJ, 25-year-old Gina Montero has spent the majority of her 60-minute yoga class mentally applauding herself for being at a 60-minute yoga class.


“I just figured this would be a great way to get out of my head and into my body,” she told reporters while the class was actively still happening. “And then back into my head to be like, ‘Woah, good on me for getting into my body!’”


Sources confirm this is the first time Gina has taken a yoga class in about six months, after she took one with friends and immediately promised the group they would “do it together every week.”


While the instructor encouraged participants to let their minds go blank and focus on grounding themselves in the moment, Gina was pretty busy grounding herself in how cool it was that she came to this yoga class.  


“It’s just so important to give your body the kind of movement it needs,” she said, interrupting the silence to continue talking to the reporters, who had offered to wait until the class was over. “It’s cool that I’ve done that today. It’s awesome, really. How is no one talking about this?”


When the instructor told members of the class to straighten their legs into a Warrior 1 position, Gina could not do that, but when he told them to “mentally thank themselves for being here,” she was way ahead of them.


“I’ve been mentally thanking myself for being here since the beginning,” she continued. “From the moment I stepped into this classroom, I was proud of myself for stepping into this classroom.” 


Gina admits her “mental headspace” has been dominated by thoughts like, “I’m really doing it – I’m at a yoga class!” and, “Bet no one would expect me to be at a yoga class right now. They’d be wrong.”



Members of the class confirm she has also been whispering these thoughts aloud. 


“It’s so great to be off my phone for a full 60 minutes,” she said, while dreaming of checking her phone soon to find several missed texts, to which she could respond “So sorry – I was in a yoga class!”


As of press time, the class was finishing up in savasana – or “corpse pose” – during which Gina started to get a little impatient and fully did just check her phone.