Silence on Other End of Line Suggests Friend Also Using Phone for Twitter

In a developing story emerging from the phone call between 25-year-old Nikhita and her long-distance best friend, Vee Knowles, the prolonged silence on Vee’s end of the line indicates that she is also definitely using her phone for Twitter. 


“We had been talking for, like, an hour and a half about everything under the sun,” Nikhita told reporters gathered at the scene. “And then all of a sudden, there was this super long silence. I was like, ‘Did I say something wrong?’ and then it hit me: she’s literally on Twitter right now.”


Sources confirm that as the conversation hit a lull about 10 minutes ago, Vee did take the opportunity to exit out of the call page and open up social media, just to check what was going on. Since then, she’s been managing to give a half-hearted “Mmhm” or “Yeah, for sure” every few seconds just to show Nikhita that she’s still on the line, even though, in the ways that really matter, she isn’t really there. In the last two minutes, however, she’s forgotten that she was supposed to be making any noise at all.


“Once Vee started saying ‘that sucks’ while Nikhita was describing the date she went on with her work crush, it became extremely clear she wasn’t paying attention at all,” said Nikhita’s roommate, George Meese, who had been listening through the wall.   


“Sorry that I got kind of bored!” Vee told reporters defensively. “I just really like to be informed about the world at all times,” she continued, while clearly staring at a meme of a baby goat in a diaper with the caption, “when u get mad at me, this is who ur mad at.”


Reporters confirm Vee’s biggest mistake was giggling at a tweet and then immediately texting it to Nikhita while they were still on the call. 



“Did you just send me a tweet while I was telling you about my mini stroke?” Nikhita asked, incredulous. 


“Oh my god…you had a mini stroke?” Vee responded, clearly having missed the last five minutes of conversation. 


As of press time, scientists recommended that all friends – even long-distance best friends – should keep their calls to one hour total to avoid one side losing interest and inevitably ditching the conversation in favor of social media.