Uh-Oh! Friend Getting Out Phone in Restaurant to Play the Video He Was Talking About

Events have taken a swift turn for the worse at dinner between Danielle Webster and her friend, Cory Matthews. After a brief discussion of a recent viral video, Cory has actually pulled his phone out of his pocket in the middle of the restaurant and prepared to play the clip for Danielle, in its entirety.


After several assurances that the video was “really short” and “so funny you’ve got to see it”, Cory removed his phone and began searching Youtube for the video. Despite the loudness of the surrounding restaurant, and the lack of 5G, Cory appears undeterred.


“I couldn’t believe he was actually going through with it,” Danielle says. “I was like, there has to be a better context for me to view this thing.”


Despite Danielle’s gentle protestations, Cory successfully navigated the browser on his phone to pull up the video, whereupon Danielle reportedly struggled to make out what was happening on his fingerprint-smudged screen.


“Turns out it didn’t matter,” she says, “It had to buffer.”


In the interim, Cory reminded Danielle several times that the video was crazy funny, and that it would totally be worth the wait.


“Nothing would have been worth the wait,” says Danielle. “If that video had turned out to be never-before-seen footage of the lost city of gold, it still wouldn’t be worth the wait.”


As the video of a baboon pushing a raccoon around in a baby stroller played, Danielle attempted to produce several chuckles that were noticeably audible without feeling artificial. Cory responded to these by asking if she could hear it ok, and by reminding her that the volume button was on the side.


After the three torturous minutes concluded, Danielle felt permission to return the phone to Cory. Her review?


“Haha,” she said. “Yeah, that was really good.”