Woman Shatters Previous Record During Sunday Night’s Lotion Application

Natalie Metz has long incorporated lotion into her nightly routine. Especially during the winter, Metz will apply a thick layer to protect her skin. But last Sunday, she absolutely shattered all her previous lotion application records by slathering two full bottles of lotion onto her dry, itchy winter skin, shattering her previous record of 1.75 bottles.


“I was putting on my usual single layer of lotion,” says Metz. “But it felt like it wasn’t enough. So then I started just really going for it, you know? Before I knew it, I had used up to giant bottles of lotion on just my legs. I can’t believe it. I’ve been working so hard for this my whole life.”


While Metz has been using at least one bottle per application for the past year, nothing could have prepared her for this remarkable feat.


“Usually there’s a point where my skin just stops absorbing the lotion at all,” she said. “One time I tried to sit in a chair after and I immediately slid right off onto the floor, but this time was different.”


Metz’s husband, Nate Moran, is proud of his wife’s accomplishment but also admits that her passion for lotion has affected their marriage.


“I love seeing her work toward a goal,” says Moran. “But trying to be the big spoon at night is like attempting to grab ahold of a slippery fish.”


Metz’s dermatologist, Ronda Dietz, couldn’t be more thrilled by her patient’s success.


“I always tell my patients to moisturize,” says Dietz. “I’ve been training Natalie for a while now and I’m beyond proud that she’s finally gotten to the point of dumping two full bottles of Jergens on her legs.”

Metz isn’t letting her record-breaking skincare regimen go to her head.



“It’s an accomplishment, but I still have a long way to go,” she says. “I’m just trying to have baby soft skin and also never age and never die. If I have to soak in a tub full of Cerave every night to make that happen, then so be it.”


Wow, Natalie! What an inspiration!