QUIZ: Are You Kidding Me, Chris?

If you’re a woman who goes on dates with men, there’s a good chance that you’re asking yourself, “Are you kidding me, Chris?” I mean, he’s gotta be kidding, right? Take this quiz to find out!


Are you kidding me, Chris?

A) You’d better be joking, Chris!

B) Chris?


What the hell Chris, why?!

A) What the hell, Chris?! This isn’t even funny.

B) I can’t even believe you would do this Chris. This is low, even for you.


Chris, is this all some kind of big joke to you?

A) Answer me, Chris!

B) Look me in the eye and tell me this all just a big joke. Do it. Hello, Chris?


How could you possibly turn this into a joke?

A) This is my life. It’s not a game!

B) If you are kidding, I just honestly don’t think it’s super funny, Chris!


Why can’t you take this seriously, Chris?

A) I just asked you a question! Chris! Are you hearing me? Stop looking at your phone. I’m talking to you.

B) I’m not mad I just need to know: Are you kidding? Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?!




Most A’s: Chris has gotta be kidding, right? Like there’s no way he’s being serious. Fucking Chris, you know? Like yeah, he’s lighthearted and fun but when you want him to be real for a second he just won’t? He’s probably kidding. He must be.


Mostly B’s: Chris, are you listening? I’m really opening up here and you’re just acting like some sort of ‘haha’ comedian. Very funny, Chris!! We all love your jokes. Everyone’s laughing. Haha, look at us laughing. Now be honest for a moment and just straight up tell me: Are. You. Kidding. Me. CHRIS!!!