Woman Hopes to Leave Behind Beautiful Legacy of No One Being Mad at Her When She Dies

In an inspiring story out of Chicago, IL, 27-year-old Maura Lacey told reporters that when she eventually passes away, she hopes to leave behind a lasting legacy of no one being mad at her.


“Making sure no one is holding a grudge against me is pretty much my life’s work,” Maura told reporters. “90% of my day is spent wondering whether people are mad at me and trying to remedy those potential bad feelings toward me. It’s exhausting, but I think it will be worth it in the end!”


Maura says that while she still feels she has a lot of time left on earth, she plans to use every second of her one life checking and double-checking that no one is mad at her.


“I just can’t imagine dying with any unfinished business,” said Maura, to whom “unfinished business” means even just one person harboring a slightly not-good feeling toward her. “If that were the case, I’d be forced to come back as a restless ghost hell-bent on resolving whatever ill-will another soul still feels toward me. Wait, is haunting someone super annoying?”


It’s clear that Maura’s passion for not being disliked will persist beyond the grave!


While other people’s life missions might be to be a good friend, to improve the wellbeing of the people in their lives, or to create beautiful, honest art, Maura says making sure people are truly and definitively not mad at her is where her heart lies.


“I can think of no better way to spend my life,” Maura said. “Why bother pursuing anything else when there’s a chance something I said could’ve rubbed someone the wrong way? Wait, this statement isn’t rubbing you the wrong way, right? Don’t lie!”


Maura’s family says this has been her life’s mission ever since she was young.


“Maura has always really cared about what people think about her,” Maura’s mom, Amy, told reporters. “She cares to such an extent that it has impacted almost every other facet of her life, leaving her to lead a cold, meager, and stilted existence. But, I mean, I have no qualms with her.”



When reporters reached out to Maura’s former classmates for comment, they all said they felt pretty neutral about her, describing her as “fine,” “there,” and “a small ghost of a person who seems too afraid to truly live but toward whom I feel no real animosity.”


Sounds like Maura’s life’s work is paying off – she will die not adored, but definitely unhated!