Woman Enjoys One Week of Month She Isn’t Ovulating, Menstruating, or PMSing

In an inspiring story coming out of Brooklyn, NY, 27-year-old Tasha Williams is having a great week, and it’s because it’s the one week of the month when she isn’t ovulating, menstruating, or PMSing, or suffering from any other kind of hormonal disruption in her body.


“This week has been incredible,” Tasha told us. “The first week of the month, I was ovulating, which led me to hook up with my ex from three years ago. Then I was PMSing, which made me sad and angry about hooking up with said ex. Then I had my period, which was obviously just horrible in every single way possible.”


“But this week, I’ve felt really grounded,” she continued. “Probably because my body isn’t constantly in pain, and I’m not overly emotional, and I’m not insanely horny either.”


It’s rare for Tasha to not be worried about the hormonal changes occurring in her body every month, so this week certainly is a desperately needed respite from her own body wreaking havoc on her constantly.



“I just suddenly feel… normal,” Tasha said as she floated down the sidewalk, “I never thought I could ever feel this way! Thank god my period was actually regular this month, or else I might’ve never known peace.”


Witnesses report seeing Tasha laughing to herself, paying for everyone’s coffee at Starbucks, and actually stopping and smelling some roses, and all because her body wasn’t going through some overarching dramatic change due to her uterus.


“I wish I could feel this way forever,” Tasha exclaimed. “But I know I only have, at most, five more days of this until my body starts falling apart again. Guess this is the perfect time to delete my ex’s number!”


At press time, Tasha is on her period and she just bled through her sheets again.