Why I’m Done Caring What People Think, Unless I Need To Ask My Family For Money

The more I learn to self-care and go to therapy, the more I realized that when it comes down to it, absolutely no one else’s opinion matters but my own. I make my own decisions and live for myself. Caring for myself means not caring what people think.


Unless, of course, I need to ask my family for money. Then I try to cool it for a bit and make sure they’re in a good mood.


Right now, I’m happily single and loving it. No one can tell me I need a husband or kids. Unless I get laid off in a month, which seems increasingly likely. If that happens, I’ll probably agree to get back on the apps to make my mom feel better about not having grandkids, right before I ask her to help me out with rent.


I don’t give a damn what people say about my looks. These days I don’t wear a speck of makeup. I don’t shave. I only occasionally shower.


Unless I’m visiting my parents or my rich brother to ask for money. In that case, I’ll probably throw on a sundress and try to blend in so that they don’t call me a lazy hippy (again) when I say I’ve lost my health insurance.


I really need them to help me out with my car payments, too. I will say or do literally anything for them to help there.


Anyways, I don’t give a crap what anyone cares about my appearance, my job, my home, my dating life – none of it! Unless you’re my mom and I’ve invited you over to prove that my shower really needs to be retiled. In that case, I’ll do a deep clean before you get there to make it look like I’m a responsible adult.


I will also change political parties, but I’m hoping we can just stick to dating and the tiles for now.



No one controls me, unless they’re my family, who I could really use a couple grand from in order to float me through the rest of the summer. I want to buy a new grill.


So please, respect me and all my choices. But don’t worry, even if you don’t, I don’t really care. Unless you’re reading this, Mom. I love you!