Why I Stopped Dating Men and Started Following a Herd of Majestic Bison

After years of false hopes and disappointments, I began to feel as if I was losing the dating game. Whenever I would start to get close to someone, they were either “not ready for a relationship”, were controlling and mean, or were unable to express their feelings at all. I started to wonder if there was any point to dating – but that’s when I thought, why have I wasted all this time chasing men when I could be chasing this noble herd of American bison galloping by me? That’s when I realized, I need to stop dating men and start following these bison.


Don’t get me wrong; I would love to settle down at some point, but the idea of dating immature man after immature man paled in comparison to standing beside this majestic herd as it hurtles westward. Nothing has made me felt like I was really part of something until now. Here, I’m not just another piece of meat; I’m a human driving alongside a herd of confused, majestic bison.


And you guessed it – NONE of them have tried to sleep with me! Not even Gard, the male bison who aggressively charged at my car.


As I was watched my friends get engaged and start families of their own, I found myself feeling left out and alone. But as I quietly follow 100 feet behind this cluster of gorgeous creatures, it seems silly for me to ever compare my mundane problems to the beautiful mystery of this herd, constantly roaming in search of better pastures. And if they can move through the world with such strength, what do I have to be afraid of? So what if I’m single and alone forever? Bison almost became extinct because they were hunted for their tongues!



For years, I was wasting my life away waiting to meet a guy who I could finally see the world with, but it never dawned on me that I could just simply do it myself, with a herd of bison. Now I’m finally getting to see the vastness of our beautiful country, and who needs a man to do that? Not me! My car is severely dented by aggressive bison, but honestly? I’m happy.


In the end, I learned that before I can love someone, I need to love myself first. Getting the courage to leave traditional dating behind was all I needed to move forward and live among a herd of wild cattle in order to realize that I am special and I do deserve love. And lord knows, I will never depend on a man for that.