Why I Don’t Buy Into Trends Because I Don’t Know What They Are Right Now

Fashion trends always ebb and flow, and it seems like it’s up to us all to keep up with them. But what if I don’t want to contain my style to whatever’s popular right now? I’m personally only interested in expressing my truest self with my clothes, no matter what the trends happen to be. But this is mostly because I have no idea what any of the trends actually are right now.


Can somebody tell me where I can find them?


Back when I was in middle school, I remember begging my mom to buy Juicy Couture or Silly Bandz because all of the popular girls were wearing them in school. But now? I really couldn’t care less about keeping up with what’s cool, mainly because there aren’t any popular girls in my workplace and I don’t know exactly who’s style to follow.


Sure, I’ve heard about lots of trends like “low-waist jeans” and something that has to do with cottages, but these trendy styles simply don’t interest me because I have no idea what they are or mean.



Don’t get me wrong – there are certain fashion rules I follow that are based on weather, season, mood, and my activities for the day, but none of those have to do with “what’s in style” or trying to emulate what a supermodel on Instagram or famous Tiktoker is wearing. This is mostly because I don’t know who the famous TikTokers are and I only know who Bella Hadid is because her mom was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Even though I don’t know what’s in style and don’t want to find out, I think it’s extremely freeing to wear the same type of jeans for five years straight, no matter if they’re trendy or not. The fact that some people change their whole wardrobe every season sounds totally exhausting to me, which is another reason why it’s actually good that I have no idea what’s going on.


Some of my friends have told me, “Why don’t you just download TikTok?” or “There’s plenty of fashion pages on Instagram that break all the trends down for you,” but why would I want to wear the same things everyone else who follows these accounts wears too? Doing that would definitely cheapen my own style that I’ve curated over a number of years, and it would also mean that I’d have to look at a TikTok.


That’s why I’m proudly ignoring all past and future trends and sticking with my own personal style, which I’m perfectly happy with. Maybe someday I’ll learn what “dark academia” is, but for now, I’ll stick with my college swim team sweatshirt. Is that dark academia? Whatever — don’t care!