Why I Decided to Have a Waterbirth at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark

After going through both an epidural birth and a natural birth in a hospital, I knew I wanted to have a waterbirth with my next pregnancy. Thousands of mothers before me delivered healthy children via waterbirth with the help of skilled midwives, and I wanted to experience the benefits of this hydrotherapy when I went into labor with my little one.


While waterbirths typically take place in a hospital, birthing center, or home (which are all fine options!) I knew I wanted to do it where I’m most secure: The Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark.


Of course I wouldn’t have made this decision without doing my proper research. I consulted several birthing centers, doctors, and Six Flags Guest Relations Team Members before ultimately booking my adventurcation/birthing location. I addressed all the advantages and precautions before assembling a team of OB-GYN doctors, midwives, and certified lifeguards who work part-time while they’re still in high school.


It feels daunting taking a new approach to such an important event, but making a birthing plan ahead of time was demystifying and comforting! During the first stage of labor, I water immersed in Tak-It-Eesi-Creek. Once it came time to push Leighndean Jeauseph out, I had already floated down that entire lazy river and into the Lott-A-Watta Bay.


I loved the cascading jets of water so much that honestly I didn’t even realize we were both on land! All of a sudden I blacked in holding my child in a private cabana.



I’m sure someone is reading this and doubting my decision making, but I won’t let you land birthers get away with judging me for even one second. My choice to go into labor on alternative terrain was not only reasonable and exhilarating, but it had nothing to do with anyone other than me, my Leighndean, and all the other guests seeking a beach-like getaway as I could not afford to rent out the entire White Water Bay.


Waterparks are a familiar environment for a fetus that has just soaked in amniotic fluid for 9 months, so it was a no-brainer that going into labor this time would go swimmingly. Plus I’m so thankful the wonderful Six Flags staff remembered to take a picture so I could get one of those personalized souvenir keychains.


If you’re even remotely interested in having a water birth oasis experience of your own, my journey is available to watch on my YouTube channel!