White Guy Comparing Minorities to Each Other Like Seth Rogen and the Other One Aren’t Exactly the Same

Earlier today, 25-year-old white guy Will Muller felt the need to start comparing two minorities in pop culture against each other as if Seth Rogan and the other one aren’t exactly the same.


Muller took particular issue with Kumail Nanjiani’s new rom-com, The Big Sick.


“The story has been done before,” Muller says. “In fact, I would call it overdone since Aziz Ansari already did that one episode on Master of None. Who needs two stories about that stuff?”


Muller then continued to make variations on this point, as though two of the white male comedic actors he respects – Seth Rogen and the other one – were not made in each other’s images.


“Anyway, it’s so annoying that the new trend has become telling the stories of people of color just to be politically correct,” says Muller. “Let’s forget about skin color and culture and just let truly unique talent rise to the top.”


At first Muller’s point appears to be fair. However, if it were truly only unique talent that rose to the top, Seth Rogen and the other one wouldn’t have achieved success at the same time, given that they’re pretty much the same. Either one of them or both of them were in The Hangover or that movie that’s just like The Hangover, but it’s hard to say for sure since few people can recall what the other one’s name is – the one who looks like Seth Rogen but is actually a different person.


“That’s a great movie,” says Aaron Warner, a friend of Muller’s. “They tell stories that rarely get heard – stories about male friendship, drinking, weed, running away from the cops without ever really getting in trouble, bachelor parties. You know, the really good stuff.”



“Exactly,” says Muller. “The whole, ‘I’m the child of immigrants who escaped from poverty so I could have a better life’ thing has been done a billion times on that one show with Aziz Ansari. It’s an old trope now. You know, the whole modernity versus tradition thing. I’d like to see more TV shows about Seth Rogen falling off a bannister. Now that’s something new.”


Warner and Muller then nodded in agreement, neither ever questioning whether the world needed both a Seth Rogen and the other one, whose name we’ve just been told is Jonah Hill.