‘Wearing A Mask Destroys Brain Cells,’ Posts High School Friend Who Taught You How to do Whip-Its

Chris Dwayne, your high school friend in Canton, MA, posted on Facebook several times about the many dangers of wearing cloth masks.


“These masks are cutting off your oxygen supply and killing off your brain cells,” says Chris, who famously introduced you to whip-its in 2003. “This shit is dangerous.”


Chris, who was admittedly “addicted” to whip-its during senior year, warned his friends of “this tool that is specifically designed to cut off your oxygen supply.”



“I got winded even walking across the parking lot in one of those,” says Chris, who has also been an active smoker since freshman year of high school. “Humans were not meant to wear a mask.”


Chris, who you used to get high with on active construction sites one summer, saw no problem with using dust masks to hotbox weed.


“I heard two kids in China dropped dead in gym class because they were wearing masks,” said Chris, who showed you how carefully angle the canister order to inhale the most nitrous oxide possible. “Our kids are not safe in these things.”


“Don’t let the government try to kill you,” Chris continued in his post. “They’re doing everything they can. You gotta fight for your right to stay alive.”