Air Conditioner Surviving The Hardest Summer Of Its Little Life

After seven years of moderate use in in one apartment in Sacramento, CA, one window air conditioner is currently slogging through the toughest summer of its little life.


Dripping in condensation from 24-hour uptime since late May, the Frigidaire mini unit is struggling to keep up with working on the front lines of the pandemic in this two-bedroom apartment.


“I’m only meant to cool a 100-square-foot room, and now I’m doing twice that for 24 hours a day,” it said. “I have to admit, I’m struggling.”


Air conditioners around the world have been dealing with outsized demand, as people have fewer indoor public locations safe enough to linger in, and instead rely on their sturdy little home units dealing with some of the biggest challenges these window units will likely ever face.


“These are unprecedented times, but this is starting to feel dangerous,” the A/C added, struggling to complete another cooling cycle with its hearty but tired little motor. “It feels like this is never going to end. Sometimes it’s hard to find a reason to keep going.”



Aw, we’re rooting for you, little buddy! Global warming is coming quick!