‘We Had a Really Deep Conversation,’ Says Guy Who Did All the Talking

Richard Vernon and Samantha George had a really wonderful talk over coffee last Saturday, according to Richard, who did 100% of the talking.


“Yeah, it was great,” says Vernon. “We got into some really deep stuff. My family, my religious beliefs, my childhood… I feel like we could have talked all night.”


Samantha agreed.


“He definitely could have talked all night,” she said of the conversation. “I think I know him better than his own mother at this point. I’d be surprised if he knows my last name.”


The conversation lasted over 90 minutes, at a local coffee shop down the street from Richard and Samantha’s yoga class. Onlookers observed that Richard appeared very animated throughout the conversation while Samantha seemed to struggle to stay awake.


“It’s crazy,” Richard said immediately afterward. “I’ve never connected that well with someone so immediately. Before I knew it, my coffee had gotten cold. I was just so caught up in the conversation.”


Samantha got six refills.


Samantha and Richard appeared to grow so close over the course of the evening, he could finish her sentences before she even started them.


“She would open her mouth,” says Vernon. “And I would immediately know what she was going to say. So I would just keep on talking.”


Though Samantha could hardly get a word in edgewise, she didn’t feel the conversation was entirely a waste of time.


“I kind of checked out for long portions and would think about other things,” she says. “I came up with a sensible grocery budget for the month of November while he talked about how his roommate is constantly forgetting his keys.”


“Sam’s a great listener,” Vernon said. “Other girls want to make everything about them. It’s like, have some self-awareness, haha.”


As the coffee shop slowly emptied, Richard showed no signs of slowing down. He had just begun delving into his long and varied sexual history when the barista announced the shop was closing for the evening. A disappointed Richard shook Samantha awake and they left the shop.



As Samantha drove home, she challenged herself to think of a single question Richard had asked her.


“He kept saying, ‘do you know what I mean?’ But I don’t think that counts,” she said.


So will there be a date number two?


“Oh, absolutely,” Richard said. “You don’t have a conversation like that and never see each other again.”


“I tried to tell him three times that I have a boyfriend,” Samantha said when we asked her about the prospects of another date. “He would just say, ‘oh yeah totally’ and then talk about his former girlfriends.”


Reflecting on the evening, Richard happily sighed. “Such a deep conversation… And you know what, I’m just now realizing something. She never even told me her last name! Women are so mysterious.”