Wait – Are The Million K-Pop Fans Who RSVPed Not Actually Coming to my Birthday Party?

 So if you’re anything like me, you heard the news that K-pop fans are partially responsible for foiling Trump’s Tulsa rally by reserving seats with no intention to attend, and think it’s absolutely hilarious and amazing. But like, just to clarify, are the one million K-pop fans who RSVPed “attending” to my E-vite not actually coming to my birthday party?


Could somebody check on that?


When I first made the Facebook page for my park birthday bash, I was definitely surprised to get over a million ‘yes’ replies from a horde of taste-making Zoomers, even overwhelmed. However, I did adapt accordingly to this headcount with regard to my party planning, so, yeah. Is it a joke, or? Because I get it, if it is. Hahaha. It’s so funny! Like, to say that you’re coming when you’re actually not.


We’re all on the same page, but also just let me know what page that is so that I can make sure I’m on it, which I definitely am.



I guess some people would sort of wonder why K-pop fans would want to sabotage my birthday party since I’m not a racist, fascist would-be dictator, but really just a person trying to celebrate my 27th birthday around some friends, but I think those people probably just don’t get the joke. Again, it’s so cool if you guys aren’t coming, but maybe just, like, also as part of the joke, say “can’t go” if you’re not going, and “going” if you are, just so I can sort of know if I need a permit to fill this entire public park? I think I could actually get in a lot of trouble.


So in closing, everyone’s cool, and I’m in on this. Maybe we can record the world’s biggest TikTok dance at the party? Haha no that would be so lame, right? Anyway! I’m sure you’re all totally not coming, like, obviously, but at the same time do let me know because I bought one million party hats and will have to rent out a warehouse to store them in if not, which is literally hilarious but then also like not a financial hit I’m really able to bounce back from right now.


Okay, see you there! Not! Hahaha oh, no.