Are You Coming To My Birthday Month?

As you might know, we’re only a few short weeks away from my birthday month. I’m so excited! I really hope you’ll be able to come. Please, don’t bring gifts! Ha ha. I mean it. All I ask is that you make it out to my birthday month.


I have some really great things planned for my birthday month, and I expect that you’ll want to come to all of them. The first Thursday is karaoke night, and then that weekend I’ve rented the Trapeze School of the Arts for three hours for anyone who wants to join me for a birthday swing! Don’t worry, there’s a net if you happen to need it! Ha ha. After we trapeze, I thought we could go have some chill drinks in formal attire at The Logjam, that awesome new lumberjack bar that makes blue concoctions with vegetables in them for only $14, where we’ll sit around on stumps eating authentic, petrified camp biscuits. There’s a $25 cover charge, which is a total steal if you think about how many free biscuits Lisa will probably eat! Ha ha. Oh, Lisa.


Sunday is brunch and yoga, and then, for anyone who is into it, those mani-pedis where the baby fish chew the dead skin off your feet. Don’t worry, the fish like it! Ha ha. It’s a very symbiotic thing, very natural, which is why it costs $55. You get what you pay for, that’s my life motto.


Seriously though, don’t bring gifts. I don’t want to burden anybody on my birthday month.



By the way, I’m fully aware that my birthday month is also Gabby’s birthday month, and maybe even Christie’s, but I just set aside four cabins at This Is My Horse, a boutique trail-riding destination with all-inclusive spa, lodging, and meals, for $350 apiece for the WHOLE WEEKEND. Ha ha! What else are you going to be doing that weekend, or for that matter, all month long, that could possibly come close to that awesomeness? I can literally guarantee you: nothing. They have a salt sauna.


I know that we’ve all got busy important lives, which is why I think it’s more important than ever for you to take a month to celebrate my arrival in this world all those many (Not that many! Ha ha!) years ago. Again, seriously, no gifts and no cake. Okay maybe one cake. Ha ha. All I really want is to celebrate with the people I hold most dear, every single day for a full 30 days. Is that too much to ask?


This is going to be the best birthday month ever, until next year, when I’m thinking I might make it into a whole season. Three months of a celebration of me! I already can’t wait!


Also, if you could just reply to my birthday month Facebook invite so I know how many reservations to make at the fish place, that would be great. See you soon!