Uh Oh! Stranger Is Confiding in You for Some Reason

Despite never having met you before, 24-year-old Stacia Rossi has decided to strike up a conversation with you at a mutual friend’s party about her current relationship problems.


Yikes! She has no idea that you’ve never kept a secret in your life!


“What would you do if you just found out your boyfriend is a furry?” Stacia asked you, out of the blue. “You’re in a relationship, right? I’m just wondering what you would do.”


Despite your relationship status being the only thing she heard you say in a previous conversation between you and four different people, you still weren’t sure where Stacia got the idea that you would be the best person to help her with this very private, close-friend-level issue.


There’s something seriously wrong here!


“I didn’t even know her last name, but she wasted no time in telling me every single detail about her relationship,” you told reporters. “On one hand, I’m flattered that she trusted me so much right off the bat, but on the other hand, I’m deeply worried for her, for multiple reasons.”


The jury is still out on whether Stacia asked you specifically for advice because of the total anonymity you offer in this situation, or if she would have said this to literally anyone, but you still tried to answer her as best as you could without trying to expand the conversation.


“Uh… I know that communication is always key,” you told her, grasping at straws. “So, yeah, you guys should probably do that, I guess.”


According to reports, this tidbit of textbook advice only emboldened Stacia to tell you even more about her life, including, but not limited to, her toxic relationship with her mother, her recent breakup with her best friend, and which medications she takes.


Okay, Stacia!


Despite your multiple desperate signals to your friends to join the conversation or save you from it entirely, you’re still stuck in a one-sided conversation with someone you barely know.



At press time, you finally escaped the conversation and overheard Stacia asking someone else the same exact question.


Wow! Looks like her trust in you meant nothing all along!