Turns Out, Stacey Really *Was* Dressing for Herself

Stacey Adams has always been known as a fashionista among her friends. And while she claims to have a love for all things clothes, many suspected she was just doing it for the attention – from men and women alike. That is until COVID-19 and the ensuing quarantine hit, and Stacey continued to do it up. But why?


“I couldn’t believe Stacey was still doing these elaborate outfits from home,” says friend Alicia Marcotte. “Then I figured she was doing for the likes. But one day I FaceTimed her to ask a question and she was lying in bed wearing an outfit that was fully sickening.”


“She didn’t even post a pic on Instagram. The bitch just loves fashion.”


“It just makes me feel good to dress up,” says Stacey, in a statement that up until recently, no one believed. “It’s just a thing I do for me.”



“I tested it out and dropped by her house to drop something off,” says another friend, Mazie Owens. “I wave in the window and she’s sitting watching TV in a gorgeous silk jumpsuit.”


“It was stunning.”


“I found that at a thrift store. Can you believe?” says Stacey, who purchased the outfit without even imagining whether she might get hit on in it.


“I just really like the print.”


Okay, fashion psycho!! We don’t get it!!