Touching! This Cop Gave Someone a Hug While His Coworkers Opened Fire Behind Him  

In heartwarming news out of Brooklyn, New York, NYPD cop Benjamin Kane gave a protester a hug this weekend as his fellow coworkers opened fire with rubber bullets. Wow, it really looks like this momentous offering of peace is going to turn things around!


Local saint cop Benjamin Kane made a momentous step when he put down the taser and baton he was more than willing to use and gave one protester a hug while his coworkers unleashed a monsoon of rubber bullets on the rest of the protesters.


Awww, we love seeing both sides come together, sort of!



The video of Kane hugging a protester went viral Sunday morning, and it shows Kane noticing his friend holding a camera, saying “Hey, you’re recording?” and then hugging the unexpecting protester before the majority of his social circle and professional life opened fire on unarmed protesters.


What a snuggly, warm teddy bear!


“I did not care for that, I don’t want cops touching me, I hate cops,” said Helen Greene, the hug-ee. “Plus, right after my sister got shot in the eye with a rubber bullet. A fucking hug isn’t going to make her un-blind in her left eye.”


Well, Helen, Officer Kane may have been touching you, but really, he was touching all of our hearts!