Hug Unwanted

In a story breaking out of Minneapolis, it is reported that the hug given to Jasveer Lennox by some guy was very much unwanted.


The undesired embrace came as a surprise to Lennox, who saw no cause whatsoever for physical contact between her and this dude.



“I was at a bar with some friends when this guy probably twice my age came over and started talking to me,” Lennox explained. “I was giving short answers and, regrettably, laughing at some of the nonsense he was saying, but only because I didn’t want to respond with actual words.”


The one-sided interaction went on for what witnesses called “too long” before Lennox was eventually unresponsive enough to get this pestilential man to fuck off.


“He finally left,” said Lennox. “But not before giving me an incredibly unwanted and unsolicited hug.”


“I wish I had stopped it from happening,” Lennox added. “But I was caught off guard and just didn’t want the interaction to be lengthened in any way.”


Among the thoughts and feelings that reportedly flashed through Lennox’s mind while the strange man went in for the kill were regret, dread, annoyance, and desire to not create an incel.


“That’s the last time I’ll ever accept an unwanted hug,” Lennox swore. “I hate that my brain forces me to feel some sort of sympathy or concern for the hurt feelings of these weird-ass avuncular men, and then I feel mad at myself for feeling that way. Being a woman sucks.”



The man, who is seemingly only around when he is unwanted, could not be reached for comment.


His reasoning, psychology, and thought processes remain disturbingly opaque.