Wow! This Woman Went From Living in a Democracy to a Military State Without Ever Leaving Home

In impressive news out of Santa Monica, CA, resident Aleyah Perris accomplished the impressive feat of being able to experience going from a relatively stable democracy to the whole new world of living in a military state – all without ever leaving home.


What a travel hack!


“I didn’t even mean for it to happen, really,” says Perris, “But one day I woke up and apparently the police decided they were acting on their own terms.”


We love a #TransformationTuesday!


Perris is the daughter of immigrants who fled life under a militarized government in Turkey for a more stable life in a democratic country.


“Well, I guess it’s kind of a bummer that plan didn’t work for them, but I had always wondered what life would have been like if they never left. I guess now I know! How cool!” Perris said as she watched members of her community get attacked by aggressive police forces on social media.


Wow, how neat that this is happening here, where democracy once was!


Perris remembered how starkly different things were before her quarantine for COVID-19 had begun.


“In March, I remember cops just being assholes who were fining people for jumping turnstiles, which is business-as-usual in our democracy. But now they’re hurting people with almost no remorse and carrying assault rifles, which is way, way different than before.”


You’re right Aleyah, the police deciding to live out their riot fantasies with civilian lives at stake is very different than what we’re used to!


“The finishing touch that really gave authenticity to the whole experience was when protesting was made to be basically illegal with the use of encroaching curfews. It really, actually feels like my rights are being stripped away from me!” Perris said, as she once again hunkered down inside her house at the late hour of 4 pm.



Seems like the real deal to us!


At press time, Perris finally left her house to go protest and fully experience the military state that has overtaken the country and has since been arrested for breaking curfew.