Parenting Win! Son Occupied For Hours Talking To Dead Girl Under His Bed

In a major parenting win, Diana Ford has finally found something to occupy her son Adam while she’s trying to work remotely and get things done around the house: Adam has begun a deep and dark relationship to the dead girl who used to occupy his home!


Score for Mom (and the dead girl)!


“He was interrupting me on Zoom calls and it was getting really annoying. But as soon as he started seeing this little dead girl, Flora, under his bed, he’s been completely occupied,” says Diana. “They seem to be really happy, I think.”


Adam now spends up to five hours a day whispering to Flora in his bedroom with a mix of fear and curiosity in his eyes, and Diana couldn’t be happier.


“I guess Flora is trying to get him to do something? Some kind of unfinished business but I wasn’t really listening ’cause you know kids, they’re worried about the silliest things.”


“This is going to get very bad,” says Adam. “Very bad.”


LOL! Kids say the darnedest things!


For now, Diana is getting more work done then ever.



“It’s amazing how I can keep my focus on my job, outside of the occasional sobs from upstairs,” she says. “Kids can get so emotional at his age – and whatever age her soul is eternally trapped in.”


“This is honestly better than letting him watch TV.”