Tragic! This Woman’s Brazilian Wax Grew Out Before She Got to Show Anyone Her Butt

In a devastating story out of Brooklyn, NY, 24-year-old Jo Anderson paid $50 of her hard-earned money to get every last one of her pubic and butt hairs ripped out, only to not have shown anyone her butt by the time they all grew back.


“After busting it wide open for a trained esthetician, I wish someone would’ve told me that I wasn’t gonna hook up with anyone while I was totally hairless down there,” Jo told reporters. “But I guess what they say is true: behind-sight is always 20/20.”


We feel you, girl!


When asked if she was planning to get another Brazilian wax after this, Jo was admittedly conflicted.


“I just don’t know if it’s worth it,” she said. “I think I’d need to schedule a Tinder date beforehand for it to be a good investment. Otherwise, it’s just like throwing money and hair out the window.”


“I mean, I could’ve used that hair!” Jo continued. “I spent the last two weeks totally bare down there for no reason, with nothing to keep me warm or silence my farts. It’s not something that you get over easily. I need a lot of time to process this.”


Take all the time you need, Jo!


Reporters were also able to catch up with Jo’s roommate, Olu, about the tragic situation at hand. 



“Jo told me that she was getting a Brazilian wax for the first time about two weeks ago, and when she came back from the appointment, she was ecstatic. I’d never seen her so happy or so free,” Olu said. “But now it seems like she’s kind of depressed? She sits on the couch for hours on end, just staring out the window. I’m not sure what happened.”


While Jo is fighting a silent, internal battle between her and her butt hairs, she is still making a plan for the future.


“I think I’m just gonna stick to shaving,” she said. “It also sucks, but at least I won’t lose my dignity and $50 in the process.”