Top Female CEOs Reveal Which Room They Sometimes Cry In

Can you say #GirlBoss? We asked these ass-kicking female CEO’s where they like to go to recover from their stress-induced meltdowns when nobody else is looking. Here’s how they responded:


Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard
The Office Supply Cabinet

The office supply cabinet has always been my go-to, even from my early days at HP. Any effective executive knows that it’s important to develop constructive habits early in your career. I credit that consistency to helping me rise up the ranks so quickly. I tell all my interns: Find a place you love to cry now, and hopefully you’ll be crying there for years to come.


Gracia Martore, Gannett
The Stairwell

Back when Cathie Black was here, she took me under her wing and gave me the advice, “No one will ever find you in the stairwell.” I really took that to heart, and to this day, the stairwell is where I disappear to every afternoon for my 4 PM cry. Female mentorship is so important.



Susan Wojcicki, YouTube
Black 2016 Tesla

Since YouTube is a tech company, I like to think outside of the box. That’s why, when I need to go cry because an my idea got shit on and then was suggested by a male colleague five minutes later literally verbatim, I use my car. Sure, it’s non-traditional, but it gets the job done. And that’s what being a CEO is all about.


Ellen Kullman, DuPont
The Bathroom of the Starbucks on 34th Street

Whenever my staff won’t listen to me, I tell them I’m going to duck out for a smoke break, then make a beeline to Starbucks. The staff all know me there. They’re like, “Hey Ellen? Here, why don’t you take a few napkins in there?” Sometimes, I actually look forward to it. Everyone at Starbucks is so nice!



Mary Barra, General Motors
The Elevator

One time, my assistant stopped paying attention to me while I was in the middle of talking to him, then asked me to go get him a cup of coffee. I repressed the urge to oblige, told him to read over his job description, and rode the elevator up and down and cried for 45 minutes or so. That kid was promoted last week, by the way.


Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo
My Office

I know this is a little weird, but I like to foster a culture of transparency among my colleagues. It’s kind of a power move. Like, nobody’s going to fuck with a woman who’s that emotional, you know? Fuck those bastards who ask me if I’m tired if I go one fucking day without a full face of makeup. Drink it in, assholes. These tears are for you.


If you’re stressed from not being heard, working so many hours you’ve forgotten what your children’s faces look like, or just on your period, try one of these powerful women’s favorite crying places to cry your way to the top!