Top 40 Songs That Were Actually Written by This Hungry Toddler

If you thought every pop song was written by Beyoncé’s hair, think again. Jeremy Blake, a hungry toddler, is actually behind 97.6% of the music industry’s greatest hits. Producer prodigy Blake Pearlman, just 3-years-young, blends music styles to create some of today’s most chart-topping ear worms. He was kind enough to sit down with us and provide some insight into the inspiration behind some of your favorite tunes.


1. Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

“After I spilled a box of Shake ’n Bake all over myself, I got the idea of doing a catchy dance tune with a saxophone hook. This song practically wrote itself.”


2. Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”

“Blank space in my stomach? Constantly. Which ironically is kind of how electropop makes me feel.”


3. Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”

“I said I wanted BASS. ‘Fried Sea bass, no trouble.’ Can you people hear?”


4. Ariana Grande’s “Break Free”

“Break free from hunger. I guess you could interpret it as a relationship or whatever, but I just want some goddamn Cheerios.”


5. Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

“I was a baby. The last time I was FED.”



6. Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”

“’Cause you’re all I need, PIZZA.”


7. John Legend’s “All of Me”

“Don’t need to cut my crust off. I love all its curves and all its edges, all its perfect imperfections.”


8. Pharrell’s “Happy”

“Sure, I’d be happy if I ATE.”


9. Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York 

“This song is so vague that you can just replace “New York” with any food item.”


10. Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”

“I watched a nature documentary and tried to eat both my parents snake-style after they denied me a third box of Mac & Cheese. ‘My anaconda don’t [have a normal blood sugar level].’”