‘This Would Be Considered Creepy if the Genders Were Reversed’ Says Man About Behavior That’s Already Creepy

In a thwarted effort to make a bad point, twitter user DanHughes0708 wrote “LOL but just sayin this would be considered creepy if the genders were reversed,” about behavior that was already creepy.


The original tweet, penned by a middle-aged woman and expressing a desire to breastfeed Timothée Chalamet, provoked Hughes to respond for all the wrong reasons.


“It’s just an unfair double standard,” says Hughes. “If I tweeted that I wanted to give Miley Cyrus a bath, people would call me a pervert.”


“But when she does it, it’s just a joke,” Hughes adds. “So clearly we all need to loosen up a little.”


Witnesses are amazed by Hughes’s ability to take a kernel of a legitimate observation and spin it into an incorrect-on-all-counts conclusion.



“It’s sort of incredible that the endpoint he reached is that men should be allowed to be creepier to young women because women are sometimes creepy to young men,” said one Twitter user who read the exchange, Marina Esposito. “That’s big brain math.”


“Flipping genders doesn’t create a one-to-one scenario because that’s a totally different power and historico-social dynamic, but it still illustrates a good point that men are often seen as unable to be victims of sexually inappropriate or predatory behavior, which is stigmatizing and messed up,” Esposito adds. “But somehow it seems that wasn’t DanHughes0708’s point.”


Sources report that it sure wasn’t.


“I do believe women get away with a lot more than men, especially these days,” says Hughes. “You should see the way my grandma flirts with waiters! But she’s harmless, obviously. I just wish people could see most of this stuff is harmless; everyone’s so sensitive now.”


“But the hypocrisy does piss me off, I’ll admit,” Hughes adds. “Shouldn’t we all be treated the same?”


“Say what you will,” says Esposito. “But he’s inarguably committed to equal favorable treatment for all perpetrators of harassment.”