‘Well THAT’S Strange,’ Says Shauna From Desk, a Second Time, Louder

Hacked Woman - Reductress

Yesterday afternoon, Shauna Rodriguez spoke up in her quiet office to say “well, THAT’S strange.” Sources close to Shauna confirm that this was actually the second time Shauna had made the same statement, and that she had significantly raised her volume upon repeating it the second time.


“It’s clear she just wants one of us to ask what’s strange,” said her co-worker, Cathy Vermillion.


The announcement came after Shauna had been seen turning her computer off and on a few times. After making a few small, disgruntled, “hm!” noises with her mouth, Shauna said aloud to the office at large “well, that’s strange.”


“No one said anything,” says Eric Hartley, who sits caddy-corner to Shauna. “I was like, is she talking to me? Who’s she talking to?”


After making the declaration, sources close to Shauna report that she looked around the office expectantly. Upon receiving no acknowledgment, Shauna reportedly furrowed her brow, and began furiously clicking around on her desktop.


“I figured, we haven’t heard the end of this,” says Eric. “And I was right.”


At approximately 2:03pm, two minutes after Shauna had first proclaimed that something was strange about her computer, she made an identical statement to the silent office. “Well, THAT’S strange,” said Shauna, emphasizing the that’s and raising the volume of her voice to a level that could not be ignored by her busy coworkers.



“I think we all felt pretty awkward,” said Cathy of the incident. “It’s like, I don’t mind helping her out with computer troubles. But just like, ask me directly instead of making me poke my head up from my cubicle like a meerkat.”


After getting no bites from her first two baiting attempts, Shauna appeared to make one final, Hail Mary attempt at getting attention from her coworkers.


“Really? This is just SO STRANGE!” Shauna exclaimed loudly, startling several of her nearby coworkers. This attempt proved successful, as Kimberly Reddington, who works in Finance, finally spoke up to say “What’s wrong, Shauna?”


“Yeah, I caved,” said Kimberly afterwards. “But if I hadn’t said something, I’m afraid it would’ve gone on all day.


After Kimberly helped Shauna recover her Dropbox password, work returned to normal. The next morning, the I.T. department reported that they had received nine voicemail messages beginning with, “Now, THIS is strange.”