‘Where’s Your Little Friend?’ Relative Asks About Adult Person You’re In a Relationship With

Aunt on Facebook

In a developing story out of the Greene family reunion in Wilmington, DE, Aunt Carol has just inquired, “Where’s your little friend?” in reference to the adult person you are in a relationship with.


The incident is far from isolated: Aunt Carol has referred to everyone you have dated over the years as a “little friend,” regardless of their ages. “Little friends” over the years have ranged from 27-year-old tech employees to 35-year-old carpenters.


“You and your little friend looked so cute in that Christmas photo,” Aunt Carol said, referring to the Christmas photo you and your 37-year-old partner took in the house you have both owned for several years. “So grown up!”


For the remainder of the time at the Greene family reunion, Aunt Carol repeatedly tried to make conversation about your personal life, inevitably referring to your partner of seven years as “little friend,” “bestie,” and “your pal.”



When reminded that your partner’s name was actually “Iris,” Aunt Carol looked up blankly and said, “Who’s that?”


At the end of the Greene family reunion, Aunt Carol handed you two pieces of cherry pie “…for you and your buddy! Tell ‘em to come around for the holidays – we’ll save a seat at the big kid’s table!”