Therapist Finds Amy’s Problems ‘Absolutely Hilarious’

Behavioral therapist Paula Meeks is known for taking doctor-patient confidentiality very seriously, with the exception of her hilarious patient, Amy.


“If I were to keep her personal problems to myself, I would actually be doing humanity a disservice,” Meeks said.


Amy seems to suffer from a great deal of repression, often sublimating extremely aggressive impulses into behaviors that are borderline antisocial. “Her life is honestly sadder and funnier than any sitcom I’ve ever seen,” says Meeks.


Meeks, who is withholding Amy’s last name to protect her privacy, has even suggested a name for her sitcom, “Amy’s Space,” which cleverly reflects both Amy’s mindset and her delusional thoughts. Thanks to this invented sitcom “idea,” Meeks can talk about Amy’s problems to anyone she wants and still hold onto her medical license.


“When you factor in Amy’s Type-A bravura and a shocking absence of inhibition and restraint, it’s no surprise when you find out Amy is constantly trying to flirt with guys who are way out of her league,” Meeks said.



Amy has shared her dreams of becoming a singer on several occasions, which Meeks finds absolutely laughable. “It’s one thing to have dreams,” says Meeks, “But she just goes out to karaoke bars by herself and expects someone to discover her. Like, are you crazy, Amy? I’m literally dying over here.”


“It’s like Laverne and Shirley merged into one, hilarious patient,” Meeks said.


While Meeks sometimes finds Amy’s behavior troubling, she is waiting to collect enough material to carry out a dinner party full of hilarious anecdotes.


“Once that’s done, I can give her some better coping techniques,” Meeks said.