The Best Socks to Fit Your Body Type

Socks - Reductress

No fall wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of slimming socks that make you feel confident and sexy. But which socks complement your unique body type? The key to finding your dream pair of socks is to shop your shape. Trust us: almost anyone can pull off socks with these helpful tips:


Pear Shape: Pear-shaped women carry most of their weight in their hips and legs — dangerously close to your socks. Look for a low rise, slim-fit pair and choose lightweight fabric that lightly skims your toes in all the right places. A chic pair of ankle socks will instantly make you feel more like a Kardashian and less like the awkwardly shaped person you are!


Apple Shape: Apple-shaped women carry the majority of their weight in their midsection — an easy way to tell is to notice if you are the opposite of an hourglass figure. This body type looks best in a more structured sock: try knee socks made from a cotton-spandex blend. You’ll need more give to prevent those pesky below-the-kneecap muffin tops.



Hourglass Shape: These women have a well-defined waist, proportional hip and bust measurement, and fewer body image issues than most. These lucky ladies can get away with a simple-yet-sexy plain white sock.


Boyish Body Type: No curves? No problem! Enhance your boyish shape by adding the illusion of curves with a bold, curvaceous sock. Self-conscious about your modest heel size? Create the illusion of a fuller, shapely heel with a pair of socks that have tiny back pockets.


Athletic: These muscular gals have toned arms that draw attention up and away from their trunk-like legs. Distract from those strong cankles with a brightly colored, patterned sock that will say, “I hit the gym and I’m into cool socks.” What more could you want?


Petite Frame:  Petite framed women have nicely balanced proportions, except they are just shrunk down a lil’ bit. This body type cannot afford to cover even a centimeter of their already-short legs with sock, so we recommend a nude “no-sock” sock to highlight the little bit of body you already have to show.


All Shapes: The bobby sock is universally flattering on all figures, and transitions brilliantly from day to night. This item hits just above the ankle, which is perfect for creating that ‘I’m a person who is wearing socks’ look.


Don’t forget: There is no substitute for trying on each pair and seeing how you really feel in them. Most importantly, bring along a trustworthy pal who isn’t afraid to tell you if a certain pair of socks makes you look fat. What are you waiting for? It’s time to put your best foot forward!