The Best Bars for Singles to Find James Kissing His New Girlfriend

What better way to get over a recent breakup and look for that someone new than by exploring New York City’s rich and vibrant nightlife! You won’t find love in any of these hotspots for social singles, but you sure will be able to find James locking lips with his newer and younger girlfriend. That’s right; she’s his girlfriend already! Here are our fave bars for seeing the man you thought you’d marry tenderly embracing the woman who is not you.



This Nolita lounge is famous for its signature cocktails designed by the bar’s resident mixologist, who will blithely make drinks for the two of them, knowing nothing of what you once meant to one another. Why not try a kaletini? You’ll find your emotions both shaken and stirred when you spot James with his arms around a busty brunette by one of the fake palm trees. You haven’t moved on, but clearly he has! So soon after you guys broke up, too. Grab a couple of gal pals and hit the dance floor and groove to some Top 40 to avoid James and his, ugh, girlfriend. Whether you’ve come for the live DJ or the devastating heartbreak, this NYC hot spot has it all!


The Levee

From the old school jukebox to the cheap beer, this unpretentious Williamsburg dive bar is known for its homey feel, fun clientele, and James kissing that girl. Ask the bartender for their signature Gatorita (tequila and Gatorade), because you’ll fucking need it after seeing a familiar face come up for air during one of the most intense public displays of affection Brooklyn has ever seen. He certainty never kissed you in that way! And how did he end up here? This isn’t even his borough!!!


Peter McManus Cafe

The laid-back atmosphere has made this quintessential Irish pub a staple for the after-work crowd. It was also your hangout spot when you and James were still a couple who dated each other. Of course you’d find him here, but did he really have to bring her? Finish off your night by eating your feelings with the traditional Irish fare from the pub’s late-night menu. Nikki told you he was seeing someone else, so this really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. You just didn’t expect her to be so…pretty.



Mr. Purple

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows of this bar inside the new Hotel Indigo provide stunning views of New York City. Soak it in, because that’s the only place in this intimate setting where you can’t see James cram his tongue down the throat of—what was her name? Amber? The rooftop pool provides the perfect setting for your inevitable awkward run-in with James. Now that he knows that you’re there, his makeout sesh is as showy as this Lower East Side locale.


Club Bar at SoHo House

Membership has its privileges, and the opulent bar in this private club is one of them. Since this bar is members only, your chance of finding James with his new girlfriend here are slim to none, since you kept the membership after the breakup. But fuck—they still managed to show up and ruin your night. SoHo House is renowned for its celebrity clientele, making this bar is so exclusive you’ll wonder, “What the fuck is he doing here? And what are they, attached at the lips or something?”


You’re sure to have a memorable night out at any of these NYC hotspots because running into James when he’s so happy and in love and you’re so alone and disgustingly single will be something you can’t forget, no matter how much you drink. Have fun, lil’ night owls!