STUDY: Women Happier in Relationships When Their Partners Blow on Their Bellies Like a Tuba

If you think that it’s condescending to infantilize a woman, think again! A new study conducted by Harvard University recently revealed that 98% of women were happier in relationships in which their partner blew on their bellies like a tuba.


Long-term adult couples were studied over a period of 21 days and observed during the most intimate moments such as nap-time, feeding and visits to Gam Gam’s house. During the study, it was discovered that the women who did not have their tummies blown on by their partners were 68% more likely to be a cranky widdle pwincess when it came to how they felt about their relationship and more prone to fight with their partner about small things, like if which jammies they wanted to wear.


So why are women happier when their partners make raspberry noises on their stomachs like they’re infants? The research team at Harvard University suggest it could be because it reminds women that their chubby cheeks are fit to be pinched.



“Validation of emotional support is an essential part of any relationship, as it reinforces the affections of one’s mate,” says lead researcher Dr. Benjamin Bronstein. When a mate does little things to show he cares, such as going ‘pffttt pfffft’ on a woman’s tummy-tum, the woman then feels reassured that their partner thinks they’re so cute they could just bite their widdle face off. She then feels more secure with her relationship and is more likely to smile, coo, and act like a big girl during bath time, all essential components of a normal, healthy relationship.”


Dr. Bronstein also recommends that partners play peek-a-boo with their partners to increase the emotional health of the relationship, but warns that above all, trust and honesty is the most important part of the game.