Step Aside, Easy-Bake Oven! This Kid Just Ordered UberEats on Her iPad

We all remember the Easy-Bake Oven from our childhoods: the classic Hasbro toy that made it possible for kids to experiment with baking sans parental supervision. Well, five-year-old Ava Hart just took it a step further – ordering a delicious meal on UberEats on her iPad without her parents knowledge or consent!


Can you say self-soothing?


Since Hasbro discontinued the Easy-Bake Oven in 2017, kids have been forced to find different ways to experience the heart-pounding adrenaline that only comes from locking yourself in your room and cooking mystery goo under a dim light bulb without telling your parents.


Hart was able to do so by ordering $40 worth of baked goods off the UberEats app that her parents unwisely left open on her iPad.


Some would say that, in many ways, this is a modern take on the Easy-Bake Oven. It teaches kids important life skills, like how to do the mental gymnastics of convincing yourself the delivery fee is worth it, and answers questions like, “Why should I bake when I can order 12 artisan cookies from the most expensive bakery in a 20-mile radius?”



Hart’s mother, June, however, disagreed.


“She did what?” June said, when reporters asked her about Ava’s impressive aptitude for digitally ordering delivery. “Shit, can you cancel an order without being charged? I knew I shouldn’t have left my card on there!”


While the Easy-Bake Oven may have been the ultimate creative toy of its time – taking real-world skills and making them fun to learn – that award now goes to unwisely ordering UberEats out of sheer boredom and damning the consequences. When’s a better time to learn a quintessential adult skill than when you’re in pre-K?


When reporters spoke to Ava, her response was quite precocious, as expected.


“I like cookies,” she said.


This little girl is ahead of her time – we can only imagine the kind of delivery she’ll be ordering in 10, or even 20, years.