Sexy Outfits That Will Tell Your Boyfriend, ‘I’m Tired of Going to Breweries’

So you’re in a relationship with a man. Good for you! But every relationship comes with its own set of problems, and for you it’s that your boyfriend is dragging you to breweries every weekend. You could tell him directly that breweries are only fun sometimes and you’d rather do something a little more fun and fanciful, but why not show him instead? Here are five of the sexiest, most seductive outfits that will communicate, “I’m overdressing for this occasion because I’d rather be somewhere else.”


Half-Buttoned Oxford with a Pencil Skirt

This professional yet sexy ensemble will tell him two things: you’re a confident woman who knows what she wants, and you’re also sick of sour beers. He’ll see you in this chic getup and think, “There’s a woman who has better things to do than sample nine beers that are all more or less the same.” It won’t stop him from insisting you should cut loose just for tonight, nor will it stop you from getting tired of arguing about it and agreeing to go. But it might convince people at the brewery that you really do deserve wine.



Long Black Dress

A classic choice, a long, flowing gown is not only flattering to any figure, it can also be interpreted as a sign of grieving. This outfit will tell him you’re both sexy and sad about his idea of what counts as a fun night out. Don this elegant ensemble and give him a look that says, “I’d rather go somewhere where the floor isn’t wet.” If your guy is observant, he’ll get the hint and take you literally anywhere else. If he isn’t, at least you’ll be the belle of the brewery when you say fine, you’ll go, but absolutely no IPAs tonight.


Sheer Top and Booty Shorts

This bold outfit screams, “Let’s have sex instead of drinking beer in a drafty, windowless room,” but that won’t stop your boyfriend from pointing out that you could do both. Ask him if Britney Spears in her prime would go to a brewery (she would, but that’s beside the point).


Underwear and No Bra

Though not technically an outfit, this getup is sexy, and is sure to get you out of trips to even his very favorite brewery. Repeat as necessary until he forgets that breweries exist.


With these outfits and a little bit of feminine charm, you’ll be able to break the news about his boring interests while remaining sexy and agreeable. Don’t let anyone tell you women have to cater to men!