Sarah’s Wearing Dad’s Old Flannel Shirt Even Though He’s Not Even Dead Yet

In a bizarre story emerging out of Chicago, Sarah Anderson was seen wearing her father’s favorite old flannel shirt, even though he is not even dead yet – not even close.


“When I saw her wearing that shirt, I was sure that the worst had happened,” said childhood friend Amy Rodriguez. “Her dad was such a huge part of our childhood, and I wasn’t sure how to even begin processing that kind of loss. But then it turns out that she was just wearing it as a fun fashion choice? He’s probably wondering where it went.”



The shirt, a men’s large, is plaid and frayed around the cuffs from years of use. Sarah’s father wore it often during little league games and family road trips. Purchased from the LL Bean catalog in the 90s, it was an old favorite of his and a frequent staple in family photos.


Which is what makes it so incredibly messed up that Sarah is just wearing it around as if he’s no longer among the living.


In the shirt, Sarah looks like a young woman lost in sadness and confusion, clinging to a piece of clothing for comfort and meaning. Yet in a shocking turn of events, Sarah revealed that the emotional resonance of the shirt is not yet linked to any death-related trauma.


“I’ve been really drawn to big baggy button-downs,” said Sarah, blissfully unaware of the turmoil provoked by her clothing choice. “And my dad has a bunch of them! So he let me borrow one or two.”


Several coworkers in Sarah’s downtown office rushed to buy cards of condolence at the Walgreens across the street, only to learn that no death had crossed her door. An unofficial office meeting was held in the kitchen to ponder her unfathomable choice.


“Sarah’s outfits are usually really cute!” noted deskmate Robin Peters. “Some people don’t know how to dress business casual, but she always toes that line really well. But today—well, I don’t know what she was trying to do to us with that choice.”



As Sarah left the office for the day and boarded the bus home, several passengers rose and offered their seats to her, murmuring condolences and crossing themselves as they moved to the aisle.


“Yeah, today’s been kind of odd,” admitted Sarah, laughing absentmindedly. “I don’t quite know what to make of it. I’m just glad I have a dinner date with my dad tonight. He always puts things in perspective.”