Woman Wearing Same Shirt For a Week Packs 42 Different Vacation Outfits

Despite wearing the same shirt for a full week, 26-year-old Megan Hoffman packed 42 different vacation outfits for a vacation to Mexico. Despite her preparation, Hoffman did not wear 40 of the 42 outfits she packed for her weeklong stay, choosing to remain in her track shirt and jean shorts instead.


“Yeah, I pretty much only wear my high school track shirt on any other day,” says Hoffman. “But I figured on vacation I’d probably change six times a day or so. Once in the morning, twice in the afternoon, twice at night and then I don’t know, once in the middle of the night maybe?”


According to Hoffman, her friend Alyssa Haddad fell into the same trap of assuming she’d change multiple times a day.


“I packed way more than 42 outfits,” says Haddad. “Even though I’m almost always in the same black leggings and gray Star Wars sweatshirt at home, I just thought, ‘Fuck it, I’ll probably change 100 times in one day when I’m on vacation.’ So I packed two jumpsuits and also a ball gown in case I needed to go paintballing and then to a masquerade.”


Haddad did not do either of those activities, opting to binge Gilmore Girls in her room with Hoffman for an entire day, her clothes remaining untouched and in her suitcase.


“I’m not sure what I was thinking,” confesses Hoffman. “I just imagined all these different scenarios in which I’d be wearing these clothes, but I just wore the same thing to get coffee, to the beach, and even to my Aquafun marine tour.”



Not once did Hoffman wear the 50s-inspired poodle skirt she packed should anyone invite her to a retro diner on the island.


“Yeah, I should probably accept I could eliminate 80% of my wardrobe,” she says.


“What’s the point in keeping this up?” Haddad agrees. “I’m comfortable in the oversize shirt I’m wearing and I have no interest in changing unless there’s the threat of getting laid. But even then, my outfit didn’t really present an obstacle.”


Neither Haddad nor Hoffman changed once they returned home, remaining in the exact same clothes from when they first went on vacation. Two weeks later, their suitcases also remained unpacked.