REPORT: Raising a Child Now Costs 12,000,000 Airline Points

In a shocking new report released by Princeton University, raising a child in 2023 will cost parents up to 12,000,000 airline points.


While the exact number depends on which airline you’re using, this is still a notable jump from what it was just last year, which was only 9,000,000 miles (for Delta, United, and American), not counting unexpected healthcare expenses.


Both credit card holders and expecting parents are fearful about the rise in airline points that raising a child now requires, which is due in part to inflation being at all-time high.


“I’m gonna have to spend at least $100,000,000 on my credit card to get that many miles,” new parent Kelly Ito said. “And that doesn’t even include a college fund!”


“It’s sad because I could take so many plane rides with those miles,” Tegan Stokes, who has always dreamed of having children, said. “But I guess raising a kid is better? I’m not really sure anymore.”


Many experienced parents are also voicing their complaints about the raise in airline points, which complicates the budgets and plans they already made.



“Raising a child was already so expensive,” Maya Douglass, mother of two children, said. “And now it’s basically that times 30? How is that even allowed?”


However, while most people are upset about this new finding, there are a few people out there who are rejoicing about the news.


“I literally never go on vacation,” Delta Airlines card holder Whitney Saunders said. “And now I’m so glad because I realized that I want a family, and I have so many miles stored up and ready to be spent!”


“I actually only use my credit card to pay for trips, which triples my miles,” Carmen Herrera, another airline credit card user, told reporters. “I also heard that child-related expenses are multiplied the same way, so I can’t wait to have a kid and take it with me on my next vacation!”


The institute that published the report also urged the public that you can get 600,000 points if you refer someone else to have a child, too.