Pointless? This Public Art Piece Isn’t Advertising Anything

Citizens of New York City are increasingly worried after an abstract statue was unveiled in Times Square, not appearing to advertise anything at all.


Many are wondering: What the fuck?


Many spectators are voicing their concerns about the public art piece, mostly because they don’t know which company is profiting off of it.


“It was pretty breathtaking,” passerby Henrietta Lowe said. “But I have to admit I was disappointed when I walked all the way around it looking for a QR code and I couldn’t find one. Like, what’s even the point? I thought I was gonna get a coupon out of this.”


“I feel tricked,” another viewer, Justine Gonzalez, told reporters. “It’s just a big piece of rock that people spent months on for absolutely no reason, and I want my money back.”


However, it should be noted that this statue did not cost money to view since it was available to the public for free by the artist and the Department of Parks & Recreation, which literally doesn’t make any sense.


“So, no corporations are making money from this?” spectator Jamie Williams said. “Wow. Well, in that case, they should tear it down.”


So true! You could fit a whole billboard there!


Many comparisons are also being made between the display and other famous pieces of art in the past.



“You know that Randy’s Donuts sign in LA that’s just a huge donut? Now that’s real art,” Leslie Cagadas said. “Because it reminds me that I can buy a much smaller donut underneath it.”


Despite the uproar about the display in Times Square, some were relieved to learn that public art actually increases tourism for the city.


“Oh, thank God,” another viewer, Richie Dowd said. “So it’s an ad for the city! That makes so much more sense.”


At press time, the display has been replaced by an interactive Dunkin touchscreen video game.