REPORT: If He Loved You, He’d React to All 230 Reels You Send Daily

Some say that loving someone is an act of faith — you may never truly know how someone feels about you, so you must believe that their love is genuine. However, in a recent report out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, researchers found that this is not true, and that if he really loved you, he would react to every single one of the 230 reels you send him every day.


It’s safe to say that the researchers at MIT were unsurprised by this finding.


“I’ve personally accused my own boyfriend of not loving me because of this before,” Dr. Peyton Gaye told reporters. “It was actually the primary reason for me to pursue this study. Lo and behold, he never gave a shit about me, no matter how many pimple popping, cute animal, man-on-the-street, or comedy reels I sent him.”


However, most of the boyfriends interviewed for this study were appalled at the conclusion of this research.


“I’ve never loved anyone the way I love my current girlfriend,” 27-year-old Henry Jameson said. “I try to do everything I can to make sure she feels loved. We have the most amazing conversations with each other and we can always make each other smile, even at our saddest moments. But just because I don’t go on Instagram that much, now that means I don’t love her at all? That’s crazy!”


Unfortunately, Henry is one of the many liars who took part in this study. He responded to two of the 230 Instagram reels his girlfriend sent him over a three-hour time period, which either means that he’s fallen out of love, secretly hates her, or is cheating.


The study also confirmed many of the girlfriends’ suspicions about their absent, selfish boyfriends.


“Some people say that love is difficult to define, but I disagree. To me, love is about sending as many reels as you can while you’re lying in bed or sitting on the toilet, and responding to the other person’s reels no matter what,” 24-year-old Layla Thomas told reporters. “I always had a feeling that my boyfriend Henry didn’t really love me, but now I know for sure.”



Luckily for those who did not take part in the study, Dr. Gaye offered advice for any couples going through a similar situation.


“If you’re also on the fence about whether your boyfriend loves you because he doesn’t heart-react to your reels, just dump him! Don’t explain why. He knows what he did, and he should be ashamed of himself.”