QUIZ: Will Your Grandma Die Before You Find Time to Visit?

You’re busy. You have work to do, bills to pay, social engagements to attend. And the more you establish your routine, the harder it is to make good on that promise to Grandma that you’ll definitely come and visit soon. She says she understands and knows that you’ll come as soon as you’re able, but the thought can’t help but pop into your head as you lay in bed at night, prioritizing your next hair appointment over seeing her: Is she going to die before you finally find the time to make that trip? Take this quiz to find out!


How far away does your grandma live?

a.) In another country. It would take a significant amount of time and money to go and see her.

b.) A short flight. It would require some planning, but that didn’t stop you when you went to Cancun last February.

c.) A drive, bus, or train ride away. You could be there in a few hours. Truly you could go this weekend, but your friends might be going to see that movie you know nothing about and you want to be available.



When was the last time you saw her?

a.) You saw her just a few months ago. Family is everything and you especially value these limited years.

b.) It’s coming up on a year, but you’re serious about changing that. You’re looking at flights just as soon as you figure out the date for your friend’s birthday party.

c.) It must have been Thanksgiving. Yeah, you all went for the long weekend and you two made that pie. Or was that last Thanksgiving? Oh God, wait was that 2017?


Do you talk on the phone regularly?

a.) Aw, yes! And last time you were there you taught her how to FaceTime.

b.) You try to give her a call every few weeks.

c.) You have a voicemail from her that you haven’t listened to yet out of guilt, so, yes, calls have been made.


Do you love her?

a.) More than anything. She made you who you are today.

b.) You don’t always see eye-to-eye but you still adore her.

c.) Of course! Yeah, definitely. Sure, she reminds you of your own mortality and talking to her can be a little laborious, but yes. For sure.




Mostly A’s: No, your grandma will not die before you find time to visit. In fact, she may even outlive you. Your love keeps her strong and gives her a reason to keep going.


Mostly B’s: You sort of have a 50/50 chance here. When exactly your grandma dies will most likely correlate to her health, lifestyle, and genes, but you should probably get over there soon.


Mostly C’s: RIP. Your grandma is teetering on the brink of the great unknown, and it’s all thanks to your negligence. You can call her this very instant and try to turn this sinking ship around, but your work is cut out for you. Good luck, bad grandchild!